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We support #TakeOffTheCamo as part of 2019 Social Action Day

Learn by Design supporting #takeoffthecamo campaign as part of 2019 Social Action Day.

Graduates from the Devon NCS RYB (Regional Youth Board), have come up with an amazing raising awareness campaign which aims to support armed forces personnel and their families.

“Taking the Camo off Mental Health” invites people from all walks of life to wear camouflage shoelaces and to walk a minimum of a mile “in their shoes” to show support and raise awareness. The shoelaces symbolise being “tied up” with mental health issues, whilst the walk itself invites people to put themselves “in their shoes”.

Learn by Design are supporting the campaign and encouraging people to take part in a minimum one mile walk to not only raise awareness, but also help socially, by bringing people together to undertake exercise in the outdoors and improve their own mental health.

We have our route planned for our NCS and Learn team to walk their mile around the block to contribute to this campaign. See image of planned route:

All you need to do is buy some camouflage shoelaces (£1 of your purchase via Big Laces will be donated to an armed forces charity), wear them whilst walking a minimum of a mile, take a photo, share this with the reasons why you’ve taken on the challenge to “walk in their footsteps”, and #takeoffthecamo.

Please visit the Take The Camo Off Mental Health FB and Twitter pages for further information, and support by liking, sharing and walking that mile where YOU live :).

Watch this space for Learn by Design staff photos!

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