ZEISS Challenge Your imagination programme still having impact through lockdown.

The education system has certainly been challenged throughout 2020 and unfortunately we have seen the uncertainty continuing into 2021 due to the COVID virus. Learn by Design are however thrilled to have continued to impact learners with the wealth of programmes via virtual/online platforms and blended delivery mechanisms.

A huge amount of our current face to face delivery programmes have been adapted and repurposed into virtual/online sessions, ensuring rich STEM content is still reaching young people and providing them with the opportunities to explore science, technology, engineering, and maths.

Valued Partnership with ZEISS Vision Care UK continues

Learn by Design are thrilled to report that the much-valued partnership with ZEISS Vision Care UK has continued through this difficult period with The “Challenge Your Imagination” programme being no exception in this process. Importantly this has resulted in learners continuing to advance their skills and knowledge base in STEM whilst learning from home. The programme has been developed on behalf of ZEISS Vision Care UK and covers STEM themes in robotics and optics. The funded "Challenge Your Imagination" is open to Primary schools across Birmingham.

As the world has seen thousands of lessons adapted to provide effective home schooling, we are proud to have been able to continue the deliver the sessions on behalf of ZEISS Vision Care UK. We look forward to getting back into schools to run face to face STEM activities and prepare the competition celebration event which is part of the Challenge Your Imagination programme. Read more about the programme here:


We are excited and proud to be able to work with Learn by Design, an organisation that has such a huge impact on inspiring and influencing young people to pursue an interest in STEM subjects, all through a fun and accessible programme. The partnership is incredibly important to ZEISS and will allow us to give back to our community by educating young people on STEM subjects. We have worked alongside Learn By Design to revise the original learning materials to make them accessible for children in lockdown learning, and are delighted to see children using the materials at home and learning about STEM.
ZEISS Vision Care UK.

Find out more about the programme here: https://www.learnbydesign.co.uk/challenge-your-imagination

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