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Power Your World

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Get your learners considering how they can positively address the climate crisis through this interactive session focused on energy and power.

KS2 (year 5 and 6)



Throughout the 2-3hr workshop learners will take part in a of activities lead by our education communications. These activities include:

  • Understanding what power is using a interactive demonstration

  • Recognize how different appliances use power through a higher or lower challenge.

  • Full class demonstration of the national grid.

  • Understanding what we mean by renewable energy and testing different wind turbine blad designs

  • Putting their learning together as they design a ‘school of the future’. 


This workshop can be extend by including:

  • Sustainability careers mini quiz

  • Fantasy island challenge where they plan where to place the renewable energy resources.

  • ‘Guess my job’ ambassador session



By the end of this activity students will


  • Learn the definitions of power, energy, watts, joules, kilowatt hours, renewable energy and innovation.

  • Explore how electricity is generated and distributed around the UK

  • Understand that different renewable energy resources

  • Develop their creativity, problem solving, speaking, listening and teamwork skills.

  • Understand how their skills and learning in school related to real world careers and challenges.


The session incudes:

  • An introduction around electricity and where they would find it.

  • A demonstration of the how energy and time relate

  • A higher or lower challenge based on energy consumption

  • An activity to highlight how energy moves around the country though the national grid.

  • Explanation of the different between renewable and non-renewable energy.

  • Find out about wind turbines and build and test a wind turbine.

  • Understand what we mean by innovation is.

  • Work in teams to design a future school.

  • Present their ideas back to the class.


Helps link learning to careers and the real world.



  • Describe positions on the full coordinate grid (all four quadrants) – fantasy island activity.


  • Identify the effects of air resistance – wind turbine activity.

Design and technology

  • generate, develop and communicate their ideas through discussion and annotated sketches.

  • understand and use electrical systems in their products


  • describe and understand key aspects of: human geography, including: types of settlement and land use, economic activity including trade links, and the distribution of natural resources including energy, food, minerals and wate – fantasy island activity.

Logistics and planning:

How many students, set up of the room, room size etc. Do teachers need to be involved.


The session is designed for around 30 learners. but larger groups may be accommodated upon request.

We ask that a teacher is always present throughout the activities, to support learner engagement and manage behaviour.


The room can be a standard classroom, but a projector, screen and power are required.

What other activities would go well with Power your World?

  • Half day optics and Robotics workshop

Our team of Education Communicators have a range of scientific and educational backgrounds and can deliver a great session to your learners. As well as this we can involve ambassadors if requested to further enrich the sessions.

For a quote please email with student numbers and location.

Sessions can be adapted to suit school needs and requirements.

Fully COVID Compliant

Email: for more information.

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