Employability Workshops


Embed learners with the skills they will need in order to gain employment in the world of work. These workshops will equip learners with skills that include CV writing, problem solving and self- management.

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CV Building: identifies the importance of having a winning CV. What to include, how to make a good impression and learn how to highlight strengths through work experience. From letter writing to presentation skills this workshop will prepare a learner on how to apply for future jobs.

Attitudes for success:
Learn positive thinking techniques and how this influences success. Take part in a series of active challenges to understand motivations and how these skills can transfer into all aspects of life.

 Target Setting:
Learn about SMART targets and how to use your time to help you reach your goals.

Explore the different ways in which we interact with each other and discover that talking is not always the most effective way of communicating. Learn how collaborative working can help achieve common goals.

Problem Solving:
Practical tasks and puzzles which help build our logical thinking and how to solve problems – a really important skill both within school but also for the future.

Career exploration:
Explore future aspirations, destination planning and the skills required to enhance your journey through education and beyond.

Learning Outcomes

  • Collaborative Thinking
  • Communication
  • Comprehension
  • Self-regulation
  • Optimism
  • Tenacity

Specialist Equipment

  • Communication Props
  • SWOT Analysis Diagrams
  • Inspirational Media Videos
  • Qwizdom
  • Search Engine Technology
"Thank you so much for bringing such a varied, interactive and thought-provoking workshop to the pupils, who were absolutely riveted. They thoroughly enjoyed the mental and physical challenges, relishing the variety of working styles and problems facing them."

Bruno Shovelton - Teacher from The Dragon School

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