Fit For Life Workshops


Fit for Life (Fitness) Workshops gives a more comprehensive understanding of ‘fitness’, appreciation of fitness testing and its’ importance, generating a personal profile that highlights strengths and weaknesses for a range of fitness parameters (flexibility, aerobic capability, strength, power, heart rate and balance).

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Fit For Life Challenge includes:

Resting Heart Rate: students are able to test and record their resting heart rate (BPM) using wireless digital monitor equipment.

Flexibility Test: Students will discover their personal level of suppleness and how it helps prevent injury.

Standing Long Jump: is a practical test that enables young people to measure their leg power and record record their results.

Balance: Equipment is used to allow students to test both dynamic and static balance techniques whilst relating these back to everyday life scenarios.

Fit For Life Profile Analysis:  Using the results from the fitness tests, participants will complete a visual profile wheel used to highlight where strengths are best utilised and how weaknesses can be improved.

Learning Outcomes

  • Motivation Skills: Being More Active
  • Key Physical Fitness Tests
  • Highlighting the Importance of Fitness for Everyday Life
  • Personal Fitness Target Setting
  • Personal Fitness Profile

Specialist Equipment

  • Digital Grip Strength Dynamometer
  • Wireless Heart Rate Monitors
  • Standing Long Jump Measurement Mat
"Fit For Challenge profile wheel highlighted my body's strengths and weaknesses whilst providing awareness to how the strengths are best used in my life."

Get On Track Dame Kelly Holmes student

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