Motivation Workshops


These Motivation workshops aim to increase the aspirations and motivation of students. Throughout the day focus will be on increasing mental toughness, identifying and using sources of motivation, acquiring new skills, and other qualities essential in achieving full personal potential. A variety of interactive classroom and practical sessions caters for all learning styles, with content delivered in an engaging and dynamic way.

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Mental Preparation begins by highlighting different mental preparation techniques and how they could be used in a real-world scenario. Young people are introduced to coping mechanisms for dealing with uncontrollable external factors.

Personal Target Setting uses four pieces of cutting edge sports testing equipment to help young people understand more about the principles of setting SMART targets. Students will be given progressive levels of detail to measure targets and to establish a trend. The session closes with target setting techniques and application.

Skill Building will help young people understand the importance of certain qualities using a simple SWOT analysis. Students will learn about the three stages of skill acquisition while attempting to master a new skill.

Sources of Motivation – participants take part in a series of rowing races using Concept 2 rowing machines and race simulation software. Different sources of motivation are identified to measure the effects of psychological boosts on physical performance.

Communication focuses on the impacts and methods used to transfer information. A host of practical tasks and challenges using tone, word choice and body language, demonstrate the effect of each individual’s communication style.

Interactive Quiz – is a quiz with a twist. Using wireless remotes, participants will be guided through a series of questions based on the workshops.

Learning Outcomes

  • Mental preparation
  • Sources of motivation
  • Skills for success
  • Personal target setting
  • Communications

Specialist Equipment

  • Sprint timing gates
  • Rowing machines
  • Kick speed testing cage
  • Batak Reaction Board
  • Venue Racing live rowing race software/projection
  • Watt Bike static cycle
  • Various props and showpieces
"The day was superb and inspiring. The students were all those who are at risk of disengaging and becoming NEETS and so, by their very nature, hard to engage and motivate."

Jill Douglas, Alde Valley School

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