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Virtual Learning



If you’re interested in a workshop but not sure about having extra people in the school, we can also supply our workshops in a digital or eLearning capacity. We have a range of solutions available and can adapt to meet your needs.

Blended delivery

Most of our workshops can be adapted to be delivered remotely. This can be developed to your needs but a typical way of doing this is to supply the worksheets and then live stream into the classroom with a deliverer or teacher facilitating. Another option can be a webinar style where learners will watch a live stream to present a lesson, which works well for assemblies or shows and events.

We have also worked with a series of schools to give them exclusive access to educational resources which included downloadable worksheets, videos and eLearning. The resources can be accessed by teachers to send to students to work through independently. These covered subjects from motivation and setting goals to online resources for schools involved in the Our Future Derby project. We supplied a regular stream of material based around Skills for Success, with activities focused on helping the young people develop within each area. 

In association with

STEM event

During the lockdown we ran a STEM event alongside Staffordshire University. Students couldn't get to the usually very popular event held at Staffordshire University, so we brought it to the students.

It featured a range of activities including STEM experiments that could be created at home as well live interactive sessions where they met people from a range of careers.

"Thank you so much for putting this on. We were all gutted when the real-life... events couldn't take place - this has given the children a great experience in STEM which they wouldn't have had otherwise."

- Teacher

Here's an overview of the event:

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