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Robotics Competition – Our Future Celebration!

We are delighted to announce the winners of the Our Future Robotics Competition, in partnership with UTC Derby Pride Park. The challenge was for pupils to design a robot that could help around their school.


Our Future aims to raise the aspirations of children in the D2N2 area. The focus of this competition was to raise awareness around the importance of robotics and promote inclusivity in the STEAM industry.


The Judges took on the challenge of voting for their winning entries and were extremely impressed by the high standard of the entries. Congratulations to everyone that entered the Our Future Robotics Competition, we saw some fantastic, innovative designs.


Now, it is time to announce the winners! 👏


EB – Year 6 at Ashover Primary School - Bench Bot

The bench bot gives people a clean, dry and sheltered area to sit, wherever you go!

1st place - EB.Ashover.Derby.SH.jpg


Frankie M – Year 6 at Landau Forte Academy Moorhead

The 2 Second Terrific Translator

The 2 Second Terrific Translator can translate words into different languages, helpful for teachers when talking to students or parents.

2nd place - FM.LFAMoorhead.Derby.SB_Page_2.jpg


Inaya I – Reception Class at Zaytouna School Zaybot

The Zaybot can help cook and serve food at lunch times. It moves on wheels, has a hoover, and a TV with educational videos for lunch time entertainment!

3rd place - I.Zaytouna - Derby AK.jpg

Runners up:


Ellie S - Year 11 at
St Clare's School

The Captain of PE


Lillie P - Year 5 at Landau Forte Academy Moorhead

AI Messenger (Almost Instant Messenger)


Sophie D - Year 3 at Wyndham Spencer Academy

The Work Robot


Fattima M – Year 6 at Allenton Primary School

Miss Ideas


Maryam A - Year 1 at Zaytouna School

Romenealth 9000

St Georges - Jessica M - Year 6 - The Markerbot XXR3.jpg

Jessica M - Year 6 at
St George's CE Primary School

The Markerbot


Hayden T - Year 10 at St Clare's Shool

Alburt Steelmont.Sr


PB - Year 6 at Ashover Primary

The Robot Collector

St Georges C of E - Zachary D - BOB 3000.jpg

Zachary D - Year 6 at
St George's CE Primary School

BOB 3000

design a robot images-02.png

A huge well done to everyone that entered the competition!

Dear Parents and Carers,

52 primary schools in the D2N2 area are involved in a career related learning programme to inspire our children and to broaden their horizons for the future.

Parental support in nurturing children’s aspirations, alongside structured career related learning in schools, provides a foundation for capturing children’s aspirations and influences the learning and work decisions they make in the future. ​ We would love to hear your thoughts on how careers are taught in school. You can do this by participating in the survey here:

Please be assured your answers will be treated anonymously.

We really appreciate your engagement in our programme.

Why not take this opportunity to talk to your child about their hopes and dreams for the future?


Many thanks and best wishes

from the Our Future team.

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