This highly interactive Robotics session sees our Lead Education communicators facilitate learners to explore the amazing world of Robotics. VEX robots are used to demonstrate the thinking, coding, and problem solving skills that are needed to use robots in the modern world. Linking the principles of robotic technology provides the ideal platform to deliver Career Related Learning and bring learning to life. The sessions are introduced with a discussion that talks about industries such as medicine, manufacturing and scientific research and encourages learners to think about how robotics is used within all these careers.

Robot Rumble Challenge
Using the VEX robotics software the learners have the opportunity to control the robots with a handset/remote control to perform a series of challenges in an arena (like a remote-control car). It focuses on learning new skills quickly, as each team member has around 1 minute 30 to score points for their team.

KS2 - KS3 - KS4


Learner Outcomes:
• Understand how robotics is implemented in the modern world and industry 

• Develop skills in programming and problem solving (Vernie session)

• Consider the challenges engineers face and how they are linked to robotics

• Hands on challenge that teaches hand and eye co-ordination to work remote controls.


Teacher Outcomes:

• Incorporate global industry robotic innovation into classroom learning

• Provide careers related learning within subject lessons

• Hands-on activity that develops the pupils’ ability to use cross curricular knowledge and skills, and work as team.


Sessions can be delivered to groups of 30 learners and lasts roughly 50 minutes. It can also be offered in a carousel school day if required. 

Resource Kit
We supply a resource kit which includes full building instructions and model pieces to build a VEX ROBOT allowing for a full hands on experience. (All equipment is cleaned to COVID specifications)

For a quote please email with student numbers and location.

Sessions can be adapted to suit school needs and requirements.

Fully COVID Compliant

Email: learn@bydesign-group.co.uk for more information.

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Supported  by STEM Ambassadors.

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