Social Action Day 2018


NCS graduates have created some truly great social action projects over the years, making a positive and long-lasting impact on their communities. So, how can you get involved on 17 March 2018?

Social Action lets you make the most of your passions, character, knowledge and skills. By applying these unique little superpowers, you can help others who may be in need of some support, all the while making a real difference to your local community.

Have you completed NCS with us? Let us know how you’re continuing your volunteering efforts, as we’d like to celebrate your achievements on NCS Action Day 17th March 2018.

Emily Moore, here at Learn by Design, is here ready to support your Action Day goals: Email her your Social Action efforts…

Here’s some resources available to download  for your Social Action project!

Find out more information on the NCS Social Action Day 2018 here: