SAPs 2018

Our NCS Social Action Projects 2018

Social Action is at the heart of the NCS programme and we are thrilled to be continuing our valued partnerships with Bristol City Council and Cambridge Hospital Trust as we introduce our 2018 Summer NCS cohorts to another programme packed full of social action activity. We have made tremendous strides in providing the young people with a huge amount of social action initiatives to support as new for 2018, Learn by Design have made partnerships with Affinity Water, Rutland County Council, Rutland Water, Age UK, Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner Staffordshire and Lichfield Canal Trust.

What’s involved:

Bristol City Council will be once again supporting young people through a series of workshops and sessions centred around waste and the rejuvenation of the city. Last year we saw students working with Bristol Waste and visiting Bristol Harbour as part of their projects and this year we’ll see once again litter and recycling being brought to the forefront, showing the importance of keeping the city clean.

Cambridge University Hospital Trust will be welcoming young people to explore their established volunteering, and work experience programme which has an existing dedicated team. This gives the ideal platform for young people to showcase their learning whilst giving back to the community.

We look forward to sharing case studies from these projects at the end of the summer. Follow @bydesigngroup for all the live news and updates.