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STEM Workshops

Learn by Design offers a range of commercial STEM (science, tech, engineering and maths) sessions for both primary and secondary schools, often as part of a wider careers/STEM event.


Sessions aim to inspire by raising knowledge of both STEM and STEM careers. We can deliver a selection of these for a whole STEM day, please get in touch to discuss your needs.

Our most popular sessions

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Explore Renewable
Energy - KS2, KS3 or KS4

Gain an insight into the mechanics of wind technology.

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Green Drive
Workshop - KS3

Let's explore the future of energy and transport together!

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Power Your World
Workshop - KS2

Get hands-on with energy and power in this interactive experience.

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Robotics Within Careers -
KS2, KS3, or KS4

Are you ready to explore the amazing world of Robotics?

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Code Breaking
Workshop - KS3

Find out about why we use codes and also take on some challenges to break the code!

Contruction Engineer

Engineering Our Future - KS3 or KS4

Have you ever thought about a career in engineering? 

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STEM Day | Rotation of Workshops - KS3

Is 1 workshop not enough? How about 5 in one day! From robots to molecules, towers to code breaking and perhaps a little bit of practical physics to add in the mix, this day is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on your students!

Discover more workshops below >>>>

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Practical Physics

Using cutting-edge sports testing equipment (e.g. Batak boards) this workshop aims to help young people understand more about scientific principles such as energy usage. Students are fully briefed on safe equipment use and provided with a worksheet to support them in analysing their own performance and the scientific principles underpinning this. This can be part of a STEM day rotation of workshops, read more here >>>

Biology of Brains

Students consider the main cell types that make up our brains and then complete in a series of challenges that focus on different functions of the brain, where they are located and the basic biology behind them.


Explore the world of light and optics with some fun interactive challenges. Suitable for keystage 2.

Molecules to Medicine

Putting chemistry and biology to the test in this hands on workshop using MolyMods. 

Programming Vernie

Using Lego Boost robots, learners programme their robots to complete a maze. Using simple to pick up software, students gain an understanding of basic robotic programming and the role robots play in society.

Circuit Boards

Circuit Boards challenges pupils to complete a series of circuit building challenges, using popular snap-together circuit board kits, circuit diagrams and electrical symbol keys.

Bridge Building

Building of Keystone bridges lead into a digital session exploring structure and load capabilities.

Tower Tournament

This team led task takes inspiration from the work of structural engineers, by challenging team to produce the tallest tower capable of withstanding 'hurricane winds'.

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Robot Rumble - Mission to Mars

Understand robots and technology while putting new skills to the test whilst using the highly engaging VEX robotics system. Suitable for keystage 3, 4 and 5 - read more here >>>


This is a competitive quiz with a twist. Using wireless remotes, linked to a 'Qwizdom' interactive system, pupils explore a diverse range of STEM topics, developing their subject knowledge, teamwork and communication skills in the process.

Design and Deliver

Create and present a brand new idea or a unique twist on an existing idea. find out why innovation is important.

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Inspire your learners with a Learn by Design workshop

"Thank you for such a successful and inspirational day for our students. The mentors pitched the workshops at exactly the right level, as well as being totally engaging and incredibly organised. The student feedback was excellent. I hope we will be able to work with you again in the near future."

- Charles Dickens School

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