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Learn by Design offers a range of commercial STEM (i.e. science, tech, engineering and maths) sessions for both primary and secondary schools, often as part of a wider careers/STEM event.


Sessions aim to inspire by raising knowledge of both STEM and STEM careers. Bookings generally consist of a selection of the following workshops.

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Highlight Renewable technology with a
Wind Turbine session:
Highlight robotic technology within all careers: 
Highlight diversity in STEM with an LGBT session:
Sustainable Energy
Wind Turbine

Insight into the mechanics of wind technology, whilst exploring climate and renewables.

Computer Robot

Explore the amazing world of Robotics using VEX robots.

Coding Breaking

Highlight DIVERSITY in STEM as we look at a famous LGBT scientist.

Explore the future of energy and transport
Highlight Industry
Virtual/remote learning sessions:
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Green Drive 

What does the future of energy and transport look like...

Contruction Engineer
Engineering Our

Introducing Industry careers to learners in this series of sessions:

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Virtual sessions

We developed some of our sessions for virtual/remote

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More Workshops


Inspire your learners with a Learn by Design workshop

Physics of Sport

Exploring the scientific principles involved in sport, covering topics such as friction, gravity and inertia, using interactive demonstrations.



Circuit Boards challenges pupils to complete a series of circuit building challenges, using popular snap-together circuit board kits, circuit diagrams and electrical symbol keys.

Programming Vernie

Using Lego Boost robots, learners programme their robots to complete a maze. Using simple to pick up software, students gain an understanding of basic robotic programming and the role robots play in society.



Construct and test a wind turbine, whilst learning about and exploring renewable energy systems.

Practical Physics

This session uses four pieces of cutting-edge sports testing equipment (e.g. Batak boards) to help young people understand more about scientific principles such as energy usage. 


Utilising remote control VEX robots, pupils problem-solve in order to complete various challenges involving robotic components.

Bridge Building

Building of Keystone bridges lead into a digital session exploring structure and load capabilities.

Physics of flight

Exploring the range of forces involved in flight, learners build model planes to meet a specific challenge brief. Creations are then put to the test on a zip wire.

Code Breaking

Explore codes in history, from language to the enigma machine and modern computing. Learners use problem-solving skills as they complete a series of code breaking challenges.



Ecology, food chains, field guides and physics are all explored, as pupils investigate finger print, footprint, fur, feather and nest evidence in this hands-on session.

Design and Deliver

Create and present a brand new idea or a unique twist on an existing idea. find out why innovation is important.

Tower Tournament

This team led task takes inspiration from the work of structural engineers, by challenging team to produce the tallest tower capable of withstanding 'hurricane winds'.



This is a competitive quiz with a twist. Using wireless remotes, linked to a 'Qwizdom' interactive system, pupils explore a diverse range of STEM topics, developing their subject knowledge, teamwork and communication skills in the process.


Pupils build their own electric car in this hands-on session. Investigating the effects of powering their cars with varying quantities of electrical energy, whilst testing the effect on distance of travel.

"Thank you for such a successful and inspirational day for our students. The mentors pitched the workshops at exactly the right level, as well as being totally engaging and incredibly organised. The student feedback was excellent. I hope we will be able to work with you again in the near future."

- Charles Dickens School

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