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Summer Programmes
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Programmes to support, engage and motivate learners

Learn by Design bring education to life through the delivery of cross-curricular and extracurricular activities. We work hand in hand with schools to ensure the activities we provide create the impact that your learners need with the key drive being to inspire, prepare and motive participants to learn effectively.

What experience do we have?

Learn by Design has been providing summer holiday transition camps for over 20 years in a variety of locations across England. We are also one of the largest National Citizen Service providers in the country providing summer camp experiences for over 10,000 young people each year.

We are a dynamic and committed team working to the highest educational standards. We deliver national, regional and individual programmes on behalf of schools, corporate and public sector clients including the delivery of multiple DfE funded programmes. Learn by Design provide quality, value for money, educational products and services to inspire future generations.

What can we offer?

A range of options to meet your needs.

We can provide a 4 week, 4 hours a day programme of activities developed with you to meet the needs of your learners. The 4 week programmes will build resilience in learners as well as supporting with elements of catch-up.

Knowledge is

We can also provide shorter programmes of 1, 2 or 3 weeks to compliment in house provision you may be planning or individual activity sessions that can be offered as part of your own provision.


One of our specialisms is providing transition focused programmes for the following age groups:

Year 2 transitioning to key stage 2 - Moving on
Year 6 transitioning to key stage 3 - Moving up
Year 9 transitioning to key stage 4 - Moving forward
What will the structure of the programme look like?

Activities will draw on our curriculum enrichment specialisms of STEM, creative arts, performing arts, enterprise, employability, career related learning, health & wellbeing and resilience building.

For key stage 1 and 2 our programmes will focus on motivational play based activities that blend literacy, numeracy, science, art and SMSC (spiritual, moral, social and cultural development) alongside health, wellbeing and nutrition activities.

For key stage 3 and 4 our programmes will focus on motivational and engaging cross-curricular activities that blend health and wellbeing with teamwork projects and action learning.



How will the programmes engage learners?

To engage, excite and motivate learners we assign a theme to each week of activity. There are 10 themes to choose for this topic-based learning approach. One theme can be used across the 4 weeks or they can be integrated on a ‘mix and match’ basis according to needs and preferences.

Activity Themes:
Planet Earth and Climate Change

This theme will use nature and physical geography as its focus. It will look at the wonders of the natural environment as well as exploring sustainability and the impacts of climate change.


This theme will explore all things space related from technology and the history of space travel to astronaut fitness and nutrition.


This theme will use planning and taking part in an athletic competition as its focus to explore leadership, staying positive, teamwork, problem solving and aiming high.

Around the World

This theme will focus on the exploration of different cultures from around the
world as its focus.

Fairy Tales and Magic

This theme will use will use storytelling and creative worlds as its focus.

Romans (or another period in history)

This theme will explore living life in the way that these people did and making comparisons to today’s world.

Water and Oceans

This theme will explore the critical need for water in our everyday lives as well as exploring our oceans.

Lights, Camera, Action

This theme explores the world of TV, Film, Radio and Theatre.

How do I become...?

This theme explores the world of work to excite learners around future careers, raising aspirations, challenging career stereotypes and increasing understanding of the link between what they learn at school and their future.

Energy and Power

This theme explores energy using a series of creative thinking and problem-solving challenges to find solutions to problems using new technologies.

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Further details?
If you would like to know more and want to discuss how we could support your school’s specific needs for summer 2021 please contact
Children Embracing in Circle

Programmes to support, engage and motivate learners.

The Summer Transition programme is a fantastic idea for young people to transition from primary to secondary school and should definitely continue in the future. It's a scary time for some children and us adults, but this has certainly helped to ease the anxiety felt by many of us. A lot of my friends have said what a good idea the programme is and that they wished it was provided in all schools.

- Park View School Parent from 2016

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