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Around the World


What is Around the World?

Tomorrow’s Engineers is a national programme of activities led by the engineering community, via Engineering UK. Tomorrow’s Engineers aims to inspire young people to consider a career in engineering.


As regional delivery partners for the ‘Around the World’ workshops, Learn delivers a set of 3 workshops (often accompanied by an externally delivered science show). These workshops aim to improve young peoples’ knowledge of STEM and STEM careers, whilst improving vital soft skills such as teamwork and problem solving.

Whilst adapted workshops are developed to meet the needs of specific local engineering sponsors (e.g. Toyota, the National Nuclear Laboratory, and Institute of Structural Engineers), the standard ‘Around the World’ format is as follows…

iEngineer uses hi-tech VEX robotic equipment to introduce to students to a practical example of engineering, whilst developing teamwork, communication, technical, adaptability and problem-solving skills. Students are introduced to current real-world examples of robots (e.g. Mars Curiosity Rover), before taking part in the ‘Robot Rumble’ team challenge.

Engineering X-Factor develops and tests students’ knowledge of STEM and engineering careers via a competitive team quiz, using uses wireless remotes linked to a ‘Qwizdom’ interactive system. Students then go against the clock to ‘beat the box’ – consisting of a series of team problem solving activities, including tangrams, code breaking and a bridge-building task on iPads.

The Design Room provides an insight into the innovative design side of engineering. Teams of students use their creativity to design an innovative product for a chosen industry (e.g. sports), before presenting these ideas to the class.

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