About the workshop

  • The session begins with a discssion around self-esteem. 

  • Learners then reflect on what makes a good friend and how to recognise toxic relationships. 

  • Learners then take part in a body image activity before working in teams to put together a positive campaign advert. 

This workshop can be part of a whole Wellbeing day.

Learner outcomes: 

  • Learn what self-esteem is.

  • Understand some negative effects on our self-esteem.

  • Explore Toxic Relationships. 

  • Understand where negative body image comes from. 

  • Create a natural campaign.  

  • Discover why there is nothing wrong with being who you are.

Skills Builder Framework Links:

  • Staying positive

Room requirements: 

  • Standard classroom with projector and screen

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Know your Worth

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Groups of approximately 30 learners

Keystage 3, 4 and 5

40-60 minutes