About the workshop

This workshop uses four pieces of cutting-edge sports testing equipment (e.g. Batak boards) to help young people understand more about scientific principles such as energy usage. Students are fully briefed on safe equipment use and provided with a worksheet to support them in analysing their own performance and the scientific principles underpinning this. 

*As an interactive activity we would bring the batak board and the speed gate ball kick. 

This workshop also forms part of either an Aspire2Me day or an Enterprise Day

Curriculum Links: 

  • Science - physics (energy), biology (respiration, gas exchange systems)

Skills Builder Framework Links:

  • Listening 

  • Staying positive 

  • Aiming high

Room requirements: 

  • Large hall space with a high ceiling (at least 3m)

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Target Setting

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Groups of approximately 30 learners

Keystage 3, 4 and 5

40-60 minutes