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Women in STEAM

Our Women in STEAM Day is perfect for running targeted events within your school to inspire girls to consider the opportunities available to them within Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths. This is particularly popular with year 9 students.

  • Keystage 3, 4, 5

  • Approximately 30-60 learners

  • Full day of activities

This day is designed to be a targeted engagement for a group of girls but can also be run as a carousel for a larger cohort. 

The day begins with a quiz-based session to raise awareness around the history of women in STEAM and the opportunities in the present day. 

Learners then take part in 2 or 3 STEAM workshops from our collection. 

The day concludes with an opportunity to meet women in STEAM and find out more about their careers. 



Raise awareness and aspirations around the opportunities for women in STEAM careers.



  • Gatsby – encounters with employees, linking curriculum learning to careers.

  • Raising aspirations.

The students will take part in:

STEMinist Quiz 
One of our trained communicators will run this highly interactive quiz. Participants are encouraged to question their understanding of STEAM and discover more about several different women in STEAM and their careers. The quiz can be tailored to specific requirements, such as curriculum areas or world events e.g. international women’s day. 

STEAM workshops x2-3 – refer to our list of STEAM workshops.

Ambassador session options:

  • Careers curiosity showcase or Myth buster: Fact or Fiction

  • Our trained education communicators will host this panel workshops with 3-6 female STEAM ambassadors.

  • Careers curiosity - The ambassadors will carousel around groups of students, giving students the opportunity to find about more about them to ultimately make a guess at their career. The session concludes with the ambassadors revealing their job and more about what they do with a prize for the team that got the closest.

  • Myth buster – the ambassadors will each present some facts about their jobs. Learners must identify which are fact, and which are fiction, before an open Q+A session.

Example timetables below depending on the number of students over 4 or 5 sessions:

Women in STEAM timetable examples.png

Our team of Education Communicators have a range of scientific and educational backgrounds and can deliver a great session to your learners. As well as this we involve ambassadors to further enrich the sessions.

For a quote please email with student numbers and location. Sessions can be adapted to suit school needs and requirements. Fully COVID Compliant

Email: bookings@learnbydesign.co.uk for more information.

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