Career Related

Promoting Career Journeys to young people.

All of Learn by Design's workshops and sessions, link to real life careers, whilst raising aspirations in the world of work. Career Related Learning is key in breaking down stereo-types and promoting social mobility.

We develop strong links with local employers, ambassadors and volunteers that share their experiences with young people, raise their aspirations and provide sound career advice. These unique engagements are successful in encouraging young people to link their curriculum learning to real life careers.

Highlight Careers within the Rail Industry:
Raise Career aspirations in Primary:
Virtual/remote learning sessions:
Destination Rail

Pupils take on the Race to Construct challenge, whilst learning vital Rail industry skills & challenges.

Our Future Derby

Bringing Career Related Learning Sessions in Derby Primary Schools.

Jared delivering Virtual LIVE stream 3.j
Virtual sessions

We developed some of our sessions for virtual/remote

Watch these real career stories from volunteers.

Career Related Learning in action:

Below are some examples of Career Related Learning experiences that Learn by Design have delivered on behalf of The Our Future Derby programme. These engaging sessions not only provide the opportunities to bring learning to life, but also give employers the opportunity to link with with their local community and share the careers on offer in the region.

Take a look at the examples of volunteer sessions and how they impact young people:

RDS Global

We are passionate about encouraging young people to tell their story and in order to facilitate this, Career Related Learning sessions are the first step in a young persons career journey.

If you would like to learn more around Career Related Learning and how we can provide engaging sessions, such as the ones above in your school - get in touch today.