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Creative Services

Creative Services that enhance all our programmes include:
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Curriculum Experts:
A Young Woman Writing
Curriculum Experts:
Curriculum Experts

The Learning and Development Team at Learn by Design are responsible for developing the curriculum for all programmes and workshops and our work in schools. We apply our staff’s in-depth curriculum knowledge to ensure our clients receive innovative, best practice learning solutions that meet both the needs of funders and the needs of the young people.

Our staff have expert knowledge to write and design Key Stage relevant, education resources and programmes, informed by and in line with both national and client-chosen frameworks, such as the Gatsby Benchmarks and the Skills Builder framework. Using our team’s experience in both formal and informal education environments, each session we develop is shaped according to learner outcomes, created with inclusivity in mind, to offer learners an engaging, enriching experience.

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Brand and Design
Brand and Design:
Brand ad Design

Learn by Design have a team of in-house, graphic designers, animators, and illustrators that work on creating branding that is specific for each programme and its target audience. Whether it is adhering to existing funder brand guidelines or developing a unique brand from scratch, our team uses design creation software to create logos, templates, social media graphics and online landing pages for “call to action” links across all social media channels. We design and create a full suite of resources for each programme delivery. From banners, leaflets, worksheets accompanying presentations and exhibition props, we create a fully branded marketing package to ensure maximum audience engagement.

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Our marketing approach uses multiple social media platforms that provides a reach of over 50k impressions, each month, just via our twitter account audience alone. Our social media channel scheduling includes, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok and Instagram. We have a calendar of direct marketing email campaigns that our team design and develop for each programme. These actions enhance the direct sales department, as we monitor LIVE engagement. We are proud to have developed a solid place within the educational landscape, delivered campaigns for both councils and funding bodies. Supporting nationwide education campaigns ensures we have network links that stretch across the country and provide the credibility to all the programmes we deliver. We champion influencers of change and support educational campaigns that raise aspirations such as National Careers Week and British Science week.

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Filming and Producing
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Filming and Producing:
Filming and Producing

Our filming and editing capabilities are growing year on year, as more programmes benefit from our ability to film, on the ground, live programmes and document the action first -hand. Our in-house green screen studio provides the opportunity to hear and record the experts in their field, talking about topics that give valuable insight into education topics. All footage is used across our media and marketing channels, broadening engagement and share career stories from various industries. Celebration videos, presentation videos, teaching resources are all available to view via our YouTube channel:

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We know the importance of ensuring all young people from diverse backgrounds have access to the resources and learning experiences we have to offer. Online digital resources have provided the much-needed alternative to face-to-face delivery over recent years, but our blended versions have bridged the gap and enabled programmes to continue to make valuable impact in the classrooms. From webinars to online quizzes and recently a fully digital online virtual careers fair for the Heart of the Southwest. These digital experiences are a true testament to Learn by Design’s ability to drive creative solutions for young people’s learning no matter what the economic circumstances.

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Full Programme Management:













If you're looking for more information on anyone of these services please contact us today via email:
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