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Working together to inspire new career paths in young people

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We are experts in connecting businesses to the local community

Learn by Design has been collaborating with partners, governing bodies, local councils, and schools since 1995, with the aim of connecting young people to the careers that exist in the community.

Young people are at the heart of everything Learn by Design offers, and our successes are the programmes we develop on behalf of businesses. These programmes add social value. Our social value solutions span a diverse range of products including managing community and school events, developing and marketing education programmes and highlighting innovation within a particular industry. Young people often are unaware of the careers that exist around them. By partnering with employers, we can together highlight and advertise the skills needed for industry growth.

"Societal expectations are changing rapidly. It is no longer enough for organisations to produce glossy corporate responsibility reports once a year, neither is it acceptable to consider social issues simply to be a reputation risk. Stakeholders demand real value creation.”

- Shaun McCarthy OBE, Director, Action Sustainability Source: Social Value and Design of the Built Environment

How does your company meet its Social Value strategy?

We know social value is high on the list of priorities for industry projects across the UK. Learn by Design works every day to connect young people to the world of work and one of our methods is by developing programmes on behalf of a business that educates and highlights product design innovations. These programmes embed community values, raise aspirations, and tackle regional issues. These education programmes provide real, impactful evidence for your social value business strategy, whilst also having the capacity to leave a legacy within society.


Generating social value requires creative approaches both in design and infrastructure. By working with an organisation such as Learn by Design, conversations can shift beyond delivering sound career advice for young people to more sophisticated responses such as addressing community needs.

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Programme Development

We Identify

We Develop

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Outcomes for your business...

  • Our Education Communicators evaluate the science behind your company.

  • We develop a programme based on the educational principles that highlight your company and provide an enhanced learning experience to young people.

  • We create a full marketing package that includes branding, social media, and comms resources which we market on your behalf.

  • We have a dedicated outreach team that works nationally to deliver programmes directly to schools.

  • We will link your innovations to career-related learning for young people.

  • We provide market research, programme evaluations and session feedback and analytics.

  • We can enhance programmes with CPD opportunities for your internal staff, demonstrating industry knowledge whilst highlighting your company ethos.

  • We can work with your existing Industry Ambassadors to support launching a new apprenticeship scheme.

  • We help you reach out to schools and colleges in your region and embed your brand which will increase your future talent recruitment.

We can develop a bespoke programme for your industry or company.

Public sector projects already have an obligation to demonstrate how they are delivering additional social value. By working with Learn by Design to develop school education programmes, we can:

  • Reduce inequalities within the community and schools.
  • Build community support for public sector projects such as HS2.
  • Help secure investment approval.
  • Enhance the long-term value and create project legacy.
  • Help meet stakeholder expectations.
  • Highlight industry innovation.
  • Attract future workforce and promote the skills that are necessary for industry growth.
  • Provide you with a competitive advantage.
  • Improve the overall image of a particular industry by breaking down perceived stereotypes.

Our education programmes that hit the heart of industry values.

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Case Study

Our Future

Latest research from the Our Future project shows a vitally positive impact on children’s motivation and aspirations.

Bridge the Gap Between School and Work

We can create a learning programme to deliver into schools using the science behind your company. In turn, we'll enhance your business social value strategy, plus, we'll showcase your business to new potential recruits.

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We extract the educational messages behind your industry and showcase them to young people.

Partner with us

We've worked with a range of industry leaders who have trusted Learn by Design to deliver their educational programmes...

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