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Learn by Design bring education to life through curriculum and extra-curricular support workshops, for primary and secondary schools nationwide. We use a range of innovative and creative methods to engage and motivate learners, both at school and beyond. 

Are you looking for STEM sessions that:

Highlight Robotics and coding?

Are you looking Motivation sessions that:

Are you looking for Wellbeing sessions that:

Are you looking for Performing Arts sessions that:

Are you looking for Enterprise sessions that:

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Highlight the power of robotics?

Humphrey Perkins STEM sessions (323).JPG

Highlight the importance of sustainability?

Are you looking for Employability sessions that:

Humphrey Perkins STEM sessions (130).JPG

Raises aspirations in young people?

Derby STEAM Primary Day 27th Nov 2018 (1
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Equips young people with the skills to get ahead?

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Raises resilience in young people??


Helps young people overcome challenges?

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Shows young people how to achieve their goals?

Young Man in Therapy

Mentally prepare young people for their future?

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Help learners explore their inner emotions?

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Help learners look after their health?

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Bring out the creativity in learners?

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Help learners express themselves?

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Show how the performing arts boosts self esteem?

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Highlight entrepreneurial spirits?

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Help learners explore business strategies?


Highlight sales and marketing tools?

Are you looking for online and virtual sessions?

Are you looking for Career Related Learning sessions?

What people say

"Thank you so much for bringing such a varied, interactive and thought-provoking STEM workshop to the pupils, who were absolutely riveted. They thoroughly enjoyed the mental and physical challenges, relishing the variety of working styles facing them."

Bruno Shovelton, Dragon School Oxford

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LIVE streamed sessions.

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We have sessions adpated to suit virtual delivery.

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Qualified Education Communicators.

Career Related Learning

Employer Ambassadors help raise aspirations.

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Linking the curriculum to real life careers.


Career stories adapted for Key Stage learning.

Bringing education to life with inspiring workshops

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