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We are a market leading Education Outreach company,
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Learn by Design is a market leading Education Outreach company that has been working since 1995 to provide schools, children and young people with enriching educational experiences.


We often work on behalf of employers and public sector clients to develop and deliver exciting events, programmes and competitions aimed at raising young people’s aspirations or inspiring them into particular careers, pathways or sectors.

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School Workshops

We've grouped workshops into subject categories to make it easier.


Some workshops cover a range of activities that can focus not only on STEM but also career related learning as well as motivation and staying positive so they will appear in multiple categories. Our workshops help learners develop a range a skills while having a fun interactive session.

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Space based Workshops

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Career/ Employability

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Full day programme of activities

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Area specific funded workshops and competitions

Workshops adapted for Virtual Learning

What people say

"Thank you so much for bringing such a varied, interactive and thought-provoking STEM workshop to the pupils, who were absolutely riveted. They thoroughly enjoyed the mental and physical challenges, relishing the variety of working styles facing them."

Bruno Shovelton, Dragon School Oxford

Career Related Learning

Employer Ambassadors that raise young people's aspirations

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Linking your curriculum to real-life careers


Career stories adapted for Key Stage learning

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National Programme Young People Aged 15-17


Summer Programme 2021

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Learning life skills and promoting social action.

Bringing education to life with inspiring workshops

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