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Welcome to the Challenge Your Imagination competition, aimed at exploring the world of robotics and optics.

This year-long programme is a fun, team-based programme created with ZEISS to inspire your students to find out more about STEM (science, technology, engineering, and maths).

It has been designed with the STEM curriculum at the centre and will support you to expose pupils to different careers withing STEM. 

The programme is aimed at upper KS2 (year 5 - 6) and open to primary schools across Birmingham. At its core are real-world problems in need of innovative engineering, technology, and computing solutions – based on the application of key engineering and science with lots of fun activities along the way.

Schools taking part will need to attend a face to face celebration event
on 7th July 2022 at Millennium Point, in Birmingham, with a team of learners.


Teacher welcome call

We will run you through everything you need to know during a 30-minute video call meeting and make sure you are confident supporting your pupils to take part in the competition throughout the academic year.

Competition resource pack

We will provide you with access to all the resources you need to run the competition in school across the coming months, including:

  • Competition guide

  • Teacher guides with 10 curriculum lesson plans of activities

  • Learner workbook

  • Additional worksheets

  • In-school judging guide

See it, Solve it STEM day

One of our fully trained education communicators will come into the school to deliver a STEM day which will be a total of 2/3 hours per class. We will also introduce the competition.

  • See it – Solve it: Robotics (a hands-on programming workshop)

  • See it – Solve it: Optics (a hands-on experiment workshop)

Competition Check In Workshop

In the new year, approximately two months after the STEM day, we will deliver a 1 hour per class follow up session to help students work on and refine their competition idea. It doesn't matter at what stage the learners are with their idea, the workshop will be adapted to help them either focus on an idea or develop their ideas.


Delivered by fully trained education communicators plus a ZEISS ambassador depending on their availability.

Celebration Day

You will be invited to select one team from your school to come along to a celebration day where they can showcase their idea and enjoy lots of fun interactive activities through the day.

The day will involve:

  • Presentation to ZEISS reviewers

  • Fun mini-workshops