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Sign up to the programme to explore the world of robotics and optics


This year-long programme is a fun, team-based programme created with ZEISS to inspire your students to find out more about STEM (science, technology, engineering, and maths).

It has been designed with the STEM curriculum at the centre and will support you to exposes pupils to different careers withing STEM. 

The programme is aimed at upper KS2 (year 5 - 6) and open to primary schools across Birmingham. At its core are real-world problems in need of innovative engineering, technology, and computing solutions – based on the application of key engineering and science with lots of fun activities along the way.

Schools who have signed up will be invited to the special celebration event, which takes place on Tuesday 13th July 2021

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Teacher CPD

We will run you through everything you need to know during a 30-minute video call meeting and make sure you are confident supporting your pupils to take part in the programme throughout the academic year.

Digital workshop and competition launch

To get your students excited about the programme we will be running digital workshops this autumn that will:

  1. Introduce your pupils to ZEISS

  2. Delve into some science around lenses, light and robotics

  3. Introduce the competition challenge

  4. Give your students a chance to ask questions to ZEISS employees

*Subject to availability on a ZEISS employee being available for Q&A

Competition resources and extension activities

We will provide you with access to all the resources you need to run the competition in school across the coming months, including:

  • Competition challenge guide

  • Supporting pupil workbook

  • 10 session plans (each including a 20 min core activity that uses the pupil workbook and a 60 min extension activity)


See it - Solve it workshops

We will come into your school in the new year and support you to keep the pupils engaged by running two workshops that will last 1.5-2.5hr in total with your pupils. These workshops will be:

  • See it – Solve it: Robotics (a hands-on programming workshop)

  • See it – Solve it: Optics (a hands-on experiment workshop)

*Only the first 20 schools will be eligible for these in-school workshops

Celebration Day

You will be invited to select one team from your school to come along to a celebration day. where they can showcase their idea and enjoy lots of fun interactive activities through the day.


The programme also links with the skills builder framework and each session plan will indicate which skills are linked to the activities. 




Working scientifically

  • See it  Solve it: Optics 

  • Challenge session: Vision and light 

  • Challenge session: Amazing colours

  • Challenge session: Lenses and mirrors 

  • Challenge session: Creative ideas

Animals, including humans    

  • Challenge session: Ageing eyes

Properties and changes of materials   

  • Challenge session: Amazing colours

Evolution and Inheritance    

  • Challenge session: Adapting animals




  • See it – Solve it: Robotics

Using technology

  • Challenge session: Adapting animals

  • Challenge session: Visual disabilities

  • Challenge session: Creative ideas

Design and technology


  • Challenge session: Ageing eyes

  • Challenge session: Lenses and mirrors

  • Challenge session: Developing ideas


  • Challenge session: Developing ideas

Technical Knowledge

  • See it – Solve it: Robotics


  • Challenge session: Creative ideas

  • Challenge session: Developing ideas


Post 1066

  • Challenge session: Creative ideas