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Electric Cars

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Group size of up to 30 students

Keystage 2 or 3

40 min - 60 min

About the Course

Learners  build miniature electric cars and then use them in a competitive team challenge. Teams fine tune their cars following the engineering design cycle of ‘design, build, test and improve’

Teams then investigate the effects of powering their cars with varying quantities of electrical energy, aiming to get their car to stop closest to a target distance.

This session features as part of the longer Green Drive workshop.

Curriculum links:

  • Generate, develop and communicate their ideas through discussion and annotated sketches.

Skills Builder framework links:

  • Listening

  • Problem Solving

  • Staying Positive

  • Teamwork 

  • Aiming High 

  • Leadership

Logistics and planning:

We ask that a teacher is always present throughout the activities, to support learner engagement and manage behaviour.

The room should be a large classroom or hall with space for a 14m track to be laid out. The room also needs a projector, screen and power.

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