Are you ready for a life changing experience?

You're young and you have huge potential. You have what it takes to embrace new experiences, take on new challenges and make your mark on the world. If you're aged 15-17, make the leap and start your NCS journey with us! 

What is NCS?

NCS is a youth programme with the aim of engaging, uniting and empowering young people across England and Northern Ireland. No matter what your background is or where you come from, NCS exists to build your confidence so you can go out there and achieve your dreams. And with your help, we are tackling some of the biggest issues in our country.

Is it for me?

This four-phase experience is designed specifically to be all-inclusive and meet the needs of all sorts of young people, no matter your background, ability or interests. Whether you're a daredevil or creative genius, talkative or more reserved, you'll be suprised by how much your actually capable of and how much you'll be able to get stuck in to. NCS will also boost your UCAS statement and CV, plus you'll meet incredible people whilst getting your voice heard. If you're looking to grow in confidence, gain new skills and all of the above, then NCS is for you!

...and it's all for only £50!

Be Epic

Phase 1

The first step on your NCS journey! Feel the freedom of the outside world on this adventure-filled 5 days away from home. From rock climbing to canoeing, archery to hiking, you'll get to experience a whole host of awesome activities. Even if you're a little unsure about action-packed excursions, you will have a team of like-minded friends around you to experience it all with. 

Live Life

Phase 2

This week is all about developing YOU. Living in a uni-style environment, you'll develop life skills such as confidence, leadership and communication from local business leaders and charities. You'll also learn about the importance of budgeting... all great skills for your CV and for whatever you do next. 

You may also discover something new about yourself, maybe a hidden (or not so hidden) talent!

Do Good

Phase 3

Now it's time to make your mark. Back at home, you and your team will devise a community project based on a issue you feel passionate about. Together, you have the power to change the world around you, so make it count! This is your chance to feel proud by making a real difference in your community.

Go Party

Phase 4

This is it, you've made it! It's time to look back on all you have achieved, the challenges you overcame, the exciting new skills you developed and everything you never thought was possible. Celebrate your triumphs with your fellow NCSers at a celebration evening, showcasing your work over the last 3/4 weeks before exploring all the opportunitites NCS opens up to you. This is just the beginning!

When, where and how?

NCS takes place outside of term time, so no matter what your commitments are or what your summer holiday plans might be, just book your place and we'll get you on the next available NCS spot. 

Who will run my programme?

Learn by Design is proud to work with NCS across the UK. As a provider, our NCS staff are all DBS checked and are trained to work with young people. The programme is risk assessed and regularly quality assured. 

Once you have secured your spot, Learn by Design will contact you to discuss things further and to answer any questions you may have about NCS or the programme.

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Promote your charity

Work with our NCSers and help them connect with their local community. 

We're eager for local organisations to partner with our young people for their Social Action Projects, providing an enriching experience whilst promoting and raising awareness for your charity! These valuable experiences enable young people to learn a wealth of skills and knowledge along with feeling proud about giving back. Learn by Design aim to build relationships with broader voluntary, community and social enterprises to maximise opportunities for young people.