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Creative Content Development is Under Construction on Behalf of CITB

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

The Challenge:

2.67 million workers will be required in the construction industry by 2027 if projected growth is met. According to CITB industry report the major career sectors for demand are:

  • Private housing

  • Infrastructure

  • Repair and maintenance

Tim Balcon, CITB Chief Executive said:
“The latest CSN report clearly shows that despite current economic uncertainty, recruiting and developing the workforce remains vital to ensure the industry can contribute to economic growth. To bolster industry’s resilience CITB will strive to attract and train a diverse range of recruits for industry, equipping them with modern skills for rewarding construction careers.”

The research:

Research shows gender stereotyping about jobs is set from a young age and the patterns of jobs chosen by 7-year-olds are similar to those selected by 17-year-olds.

As Learn by Design is all about career related learning STEM engagement, we are proud to be working on behalf of CITB and South London Partnership to develop a series of bespoke STEM club activities, classroom resources and career related learning workshops. The two contracted pieces of work have been designed and developed by Learn by Design and include branding for the programmes.

The content:

The SLP workshops will be centred around four key objectives for learners:

1. Raising aspirations.

2. Breaking down stereotypes and challenging unconscious bias.

3. Developing an understanding of the link between what they learn in school and the wider world of work.

4. Broadening their awareness of the range of jobs in the construction industry available to them in the future.

The CITB Stem Club sessions will cover the below themes:

Logistics and off-site management - A series of challenges exploring budgeting, problem solving, teamwork, planning and logistics, and the careers associated with off-site roles.

Construction Equipment (Plant)

In this session participants will explore the machinery used in the construction industry, exploring what it is used for and how this could be done in a sustainable way, including the development of electric/hybrid machines, and using sustainable materials.

Enterprise Session

This session will begin with a quiz about careers in the Construction industry considering roles/fields the students may not have thought about, how to get into construction jobs, the new technology trends in the industry and how much money they could earn.

Health and Safety

In this session participants will learn about roles in Health and Safety in a fun and engaging way with interactive games. They will have to spot hazards in the room, and they will be given scenarios to act out in order to learn how to deal with dangerous accidents.

Flood Defences

In this session participants will explore the environmental and sociological issues that can be affected by flood water and the ways we can build things to stop flooding but also support the environment.

Town Planning

In this session participants will take part in a fun competitive game in small teams in which they must plan their own area of the city to try to build enough required properties and benefit the local community, whilst still being sustainable and environmentally friendly. They will also consider different green energy sources and how to incorporate this into their development.


Participants will be given a plan for an old warehouse that they must convert into a useable living space and work in teams to decide how to retrofit the property. This will be in south London near to the river.

Our Strengths:

Learn by Design programme development services, work to embed career related learning into every session, and this newfound collaboration with SLP and CITB is an exciting opportunity to continue our company values, that help raise career aspirations within in industries that have future growth. Construction jobs involve more than just what you see on a building site and the learning sessions will set out to highlight the diversity within all the roles on offer to study. Careers in designing, planning and project management, as well as doing the hands-on, practical work are vital to the construction industry. Learning workshops such as these are key to driving future career aspirations.

Development and delivery of the programmes include:

  • School delivery

  • Administration

  • Employer engagement

  • Ambassador recruitment

  • Brand creation and designing of resources.

  • Resource and session planning

  • CPD training videos

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