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'Power Up' a Career in Construction!

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

New partnership with South London Partnership launches 'Power Up' –

Be what you want!

Research shows gender stereotyping about jobs is set from a young age and the patterns of jobs chosen by 7-year-olds are similar to those selected by 17-year-olds.

Our workshops designed and developed by our in-house education experts aim to prevent those stereotypes developing and enhance an understanding that boys and girls can do the same job. Framed in a positive and constructive way, the activities we develop encourage learners not to rule out career options for themselves because of their gender.

We know that exposing students to activities and role models that inspire and broaden horizons, encourages a wider understanding of the future opportunities in the world of work. The workshops have also been shown to have a positive impact on children’s motivation and aspirations. See Our Future evaluation findings here.

Learn by Design are therefore pleased to be working on behalf of South London Partnership to create and develop a series of school sessions that help break down job profile misconceptions and challenge stereotypes specifically in the construction sector.

The Power Up brand, designed by Learn by Design has been launched today in the South of the region and we are working with the Careers Hub Team to ensure selected schools and SEND learners have sessions adapted to accommodate specific needs where needed.

Learn by Design (LBD) has developed, on behalf of SLP, two interactive and engaging career-related workshops focused on careers within the construction industry.

Both workshops are centred around four key objectives for learners:

  1. Raising aspirations.

  2. Breaking down stereotypes and challenging unconscious bias.

  3. Developing an understanding of the link between what they learn in school and the wider world of work.

  4. Broadening their awareness of the range of jobs available to them in the construction industry.

Framed in a positive and constructive way, the activities encourage learners not to rule out career options for themselves because of their gender. Career role models will be invited to support the workshops and share an insight into their career journey. The workshops will also highlight how apprenticeships can help learners develop the skills and knowledge required for a rewarding career in construction.

We’re thrilled to be offering FREE-funded workshops to 10 schools across South London.

Areas include:

· Croydon

· Sutton

· Kingston

· Richmond

· Merton

Learn by Design are thrilled to work with the South London Partnership and we look forward to a successful collaboration into 2023.

If you’re an industry looking to highlight the careers within your sector – reach out to Learn by Design today.


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