Our Future Derby – Making an impact

The Our Future Derby project has engaged more than 12,500 children and teachers through a range of dynamic and inspirational career-related learning activities involving exciting volunteers from a wide variety of sectors and backgrounds. Activities are interactive and engaging helping children to broaden their horizons of future possibilities, tackle potential stereotypes about the jobs people can do based on their backgrounds, and see the relevance of their learning.

The newly published evaluation by Deirdre Hughes of dmh associates followed the impact of the project on children taking part. The research demonstrates clear evidence that these activities do help children to broaden their horizons and increase their confidence and belief that they can do a range of jobs.

Read the full Report finding here.

Education & Employers article here

Learn by Design would like to take the time to say what a pleasure is to work with all the Our Future Derby partners and supporters of the programme. To raise the aspirations in young people in this way has been utterly incredible and has highlighted the impact of Career Related Learning.

Get involved:

The Our Future Derby project is continuing until July 2021. If you would like to get involved as a volunteer to inspire children in your local community, you can sign up here. To get involved as a school, get in touch at enquiries@inspiringthefuture.org.

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