Excited to be continuing our collaboration with Greater Manchester Higher.

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Greater Manchester Higher is a collaborative network of higher education providers in Greater Manchester who are working together to raise the ambitions of young people and the awareness of higher education through providing impartial information, advice and guidance (IAG), alongside a menu of outreach activities.

GM Higher delivers the National Collaborative Outreach Programme (NCOP) programme in Greater Manchester, which aims to support the government’s social mobility goals by rapidly increasing the number of young people from underrepresented groups who go into higher education. Their work focuses on Y9-13 learners and their key influencers.

Workshops developed by Learn by Design

Learn by Design are thrilled to be once again working with GM Higher with a new contract of delivering learning provision in the allocated region. The package of provision on offer to schools include:

Industry led Enterprise Event

Event: Destination Rail Manchester Enterprise Event Year Groups: 9-10 Est Learner groups: 112 Learners 14 teams of 8 young people

Destination Rail Programme Information

Date: Tuesday 28th April Venue: Salford University, Manchester

Outline: A day long industry led Destination Rail Enterprise Event which brings Rail Industry leaders, employers and experts together to inspire and raise aspirations in careers that exist in the Rail Industry. A carousel of activities will explore the industry and skills needed to support the ever-growing market. Embedded within the day is a Rail Challenge which is supported by The Young Engineers mentor volunteers from local rail firms. This hands-on advice offers the chance for students to develop solutions to some real-world engineering challenges. A finale ends the day with judges announcing an overall winner of the Rail Challenge and the winning school taking away a cash prize.


Industry Workshops:

Title: Engineering Our Future Year: Groups: 9 – 11 Group size: 175 per intervention Delivery: Sept 2019 – June 2020

Outline: One full day consisting of a carousel of workshops which include the following topics:

iEngineer - Highlighting the engineering key skills of teamwork and problem solving and using the highly engaging VEX robotics system. The Drawing Board - Focussing heavily on demand led innovation, “The Drawing Board” tasks students with solving an engineering problem. Engineering X Factor - Shattering the myths that surround engineering, students are encouraged to challenge the typical stereotypes. Engineered Infrastructure - Students are given a logistics problem, maths lead, where they need to work as a team to come up with the best solution for moving freight around the country. Solution Engineering - A session aimed at student led research/learning and presentation skills exploring renewable technologies.


All Learn by Design’s work has the Gatsby Benchmarks embedded within the learning outcomes for students.

Activity Booking:

Schools who want to book an activity are advised to contact their hub manager in the first instance who will then contact schools directly to arrange booking.

Hub Manager Contact Details

Bury, Bolton, Rochadale Elin Stewart E.Stewart-Bowker@bolton.ac.uk

Manchester Chris Delaney cdelaney@tmc.ac.uk

Oldham, Stockport, Tameside Vicky Sinfield vicky.sinfield@tameside.ac.uk

Salford and Trafford Andrea Dapoto andrea.dapoto@salfordcc.ac.uk

Wigan Colin Stanfield c.stanfield@wigan-leigh.ac.uk

Please note: This intervention is funded by Greater Manchester Higher and is only accessible to cohorts who meet the relevant eligibility criteria for NCOP. See www.gmhigher.ac.uk for more information.

If you you are a business, educational enterprise or NCOP looking for an experienced educational delivery and management team to work with - please get in touch by emailing: learn@bydesign-group.co.uk. Visit our testimonials here.

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